Anti-Scam - Fake Seed Phrase Generator

Do you want scammer's time? Tell them these are your mnemonic seed phrase to restore your wallet that has 1,000,000 ₳DA and that you forgot the order of the last two words.

Fake Seed Phrase Generator

If you managed to waste a scammer's time, please post the conversation screenshot in Reddit.
I would love to see it 😂

What is this?
This is a fun little tool to generate random fake seed phrase to waste scammer's time.

How does this work?
Cardano uses the same word list as Bitcoin defined in the BIP-039. This tool grabs the word list and randomises it as per your configuration and displays it. To see how the tool works - view the page source, it's implemented in jQuery.

The idea was from someone who suggested this in the Telegram (sorry I forgot your name) - Thanks.